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Ankyra provides flexible services and products that enable companies to rapidly and reliably build, deploy and operate key business software projects.

Utility computing at its best; use the open-source Ankyra Escape Kit freely and when the situation warrants, upgrade to the use-based and proven Ankyra Enterprise with its Cloud, Onsite and Hybrid extensions and technical support.

Whichever option you select, you will ensure that all source code, cloud infrastructure, configuration, open source components, data and documentation are identifiable, reproducible, consistent and automated.

At Ankyra we work closely with our customers to find out what works best for them and make sure their delivery pipelines can stand the test of time and their focus remains firmly on doing business .

The Ankyra Platform

Everything we do is powered by the Ankyra Platform: an end-to-end CI/CD platform for software delivery and lifecycle management.

Open Source EscapeKitAnkyra Platform
Build, test, deploy and version packages
The open source EscapeKit enables best practices in modern release engineering. Read the announcement blog post
Upload and download packages
Ankyra greatly simplifies the distribution of your software across all layers of the stack.
Managing multiple environments
Avoid the complexity of operating and promoting software through environments.
End-to-end CI/CD solution
Manage software from its inception to its retirement; cover the complete stakeholder/dev/ops/customer cycle
Protect environments from unwanted access. Get full reporting on all activities.
Web User Interface
Visualize and configure your DevOps workflows.
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Meet the Management

Bart Spaans
CEO, Founder

Bart previously worked as a lead consultant at OpenCredo where he helped companies successfully adopt cloud and container technologies, programmable infrastructure, micro-services and Continuous Delivery.

At Ankyra he's using his experiences from the field to create products and services that make it easier to quickly and reliably get software into production.

Gary Levy

Gary is a sales, marketing and business operations veteran of the IT industry whose career spans the largest international tech companies through to innovative start-ups.

Co-founder of the successful software consultancy 'OpenCredo', Gary now directs Ankyra’s sales and operations, advising on the future direction and strategy for growth.

Benji Hooper
Head of Engineering

Benji heads Ankyra's excellent engineering team.

Benji previously worked as Lead Engineer on Hoverfly, an open source API simulation tool built in Golang, and as software engineer at Xerox doing AI assisted customer care solutions.

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