Who are Ankyra?

We are a London based software product company focused on release engineering, managing lifecycles and providing Continuous Delivery. We build and offer EscapeKit, a fully featured Continuous Delivery tool which enables and supports automated releasing.

What makes Ankyra unique?

Too often we have seen DevOps solutions fail to provide a seamless experience when trying to do to trivial tasks. We've seen the overheads this can create and the ad hoc management processes required to achieve these tasks we would consider business as usual.

  • We believe the right tool for the job should enable experimentation. We want you to not feel locked into the way things are, we want you to explore how things could be.
  • We believe that the tool you use should encourage reusability, reducing delivery times while keeping complexity low.
  • We believe that automation is the way forwards and that nothing should be a barrier to that.
  • We believe that the tools should help you deliver at the speed of business.
  • We believe that EscapeKit is the right Continous Delivery platform for you.

The Team

The people behind the ducks

Bart Spaans, CEO, Founder

Bart is a savvy DevOps technologist and business-minded CEO leading Ankyra’s vision and delivery. He combines hands-on engineering experience at massive scale with a passion for the often divergent needs of business andtechnology.

Bart is responsible for setting the Ankyra’s vision, executing on its strategy and driving its growth as the innovative provider of change in Enterprise DevOps.

Gary Levy, Director

Gary is a sales, marketing and business operations veteran of the IT industry whose career spans the largest international tech companies through to innovative start-ups that champion leading-edge software development philosophies.Previously,

Gary was co-founder of the successful software consultancy 'OpenCredo', hedirects Ankyra’s sales and operationsand guidesAnkyra’s growth strategy

Benji Hooper, Head of Engineering

Benji heads Ankyra’s engineering team and applies his experience in open-source projects and enterprise software delivery to the benefit of Ankyra’s technology initiatives.

He champions the benefits of agile development and DevOps practices inside Ankyra with an exciting flair that fuels the energy in the company’s culture.

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